BrandBand International is staffed by world leaders in cross culture, cross border advertising and marketing 
with experience leading 25 of the worlds top 100 marketers : refocusing strategy and broken communications, creating meaningful stories that drive internal and external communication with one voice across channels across cultures.

BrandBand has helped advise both experienced CEOs and fresh start ups in consumer goods. digital health, wellbeing, media and entertainment driving brand building, higher margins and  disruptive new products.

BrandBand advises in confidence and works in parallel with our clients existing partnerships.

BrandBand Solutions for Start UPS :
BrandBand helps visionaries turn ideas into value

Digital technology, Niche Targeting,  Increased speed to Market, Multiple Communication Channels and Border Free Marketing have empowered consumers and made them co-developers of brands and products with their originators. 

BrandBand believes that newly empowered consumers are better engaged by a strong inviting values based narrative, one value proposition integrated across all channels which helps underpin and inform all the originator creates, targeted at the most valuable consumer

A central values narrative proposition is constructed to simplify communications  internally and externally, creating value for both investors and consumers through: meaningful category disruption, meaningful differentiation, building influence through trust ,recommendations and deep consumer knowledge .

BrandBand's unique approach to help prove the concept combines world leading experts with proven experience enabling visionaries to focus on value and values using proprietory tools which drive lean thinking, product stickiness, customer retention and targetted high value customers